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25 Year Warranty

25 Year Warranty

LG Warranty

The warranty for LG Solar modules in Australia and NZ is held by LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd, based in Western Sydney and LG New Zealand based in Ellerslie, Auckland. LG Electronics has been manufacturing electronic equipment since 1958 and has been in Australia as an entity since May 1997 and in NZ since June 2007


solaredge warranty

This SolarEdge Technologies Ltd. Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials of the below-listed products for the applicable Warranty Period set out below (the “Products”):

  • Power optimizers: 25 years

  • Inverters, Safety & Monitoring Interface (SMI), and Auto-transformer: 12* years

  • StorEdge Interface: 10 years

  • ZigBee Gateway, Commercial Gateway, Firefighter Gateway, Smart Energy products, Wireless Communication products, RS485 Plug-in, and Energy Meter: 5 years



The LG chem RESU warranty is 10 years which is based on 2 main factors, the remaining capacity and energy throughput based on charge and discharge cycles. All batteries reduce capacity over time due to internal cell degradation, the LG chem warranty ensures the retained storage capacity is greater than 60% of the original amount. The warranty states that...

"LGC warrants and represents that the Product retains at least 60% of Nominal Energy for the either 10 years after the date of the initial installation or for a minimum Energy Throughput as per the table below (whichever comes first) when the battery system is operated under a normal use followed by the specification and the manual provided by LGC"