Benefit 1

Solar Power can save you money – Installing Solar power enables you to generate your own electricity. By using your own electricity rather than buying it from your electricity company, you will save money as every kW/h of electricity you use from your solar system is a kW/h of electricity you do not have to buy from your electricity company.

Benefit 2

Environmental Benefits – By using electricity generated from solar panels, we reduce the need to generate electricity from fossil fuels like coal and gas which create carbon dioxide (CO2). This can reduce the potential for global warming and can create a more sustainable cleaner energy mix, this effect is even stronger if your solar system lasts a long time.

Benefit 3

Energy Independence – By owning your own solar system, you have the capacity to create your own electricity. This reduces your reliance on the electricity grid and electricity retailers etc and increases your control over your future electricity needs, expenses and lifestyle especially if you add batteries to your system in the future.

Benefit 4

Property Value – there are studies that show that installing a quality residential solar system may increase the value of your home. Home buyers are increasingly recognising that a home with quality solar panels installed will have lower electricity costs.

Benefit 5

Energy reliability – High quality solar power systems are a reliable power source. The sun rises and sets every day, while the sun shines, solar panels will generate electricity. While the weather and the seasons vary, the amount of electricity that the panels generate is predictable. You can also increase the financial benefits of your solar system by changing the times you operate your household appliances. For example, turning your washing machine on as you leave home in the morning and avoiding washing your clothes at night allows your solar system to power your washing machine during the day. With the help of lithium-ion batteries, which are becoming more affordable, you can also store solar power during the day and use it at night.